Improving Reliability, Reducing Costs

Improving Reliability, Reducing Costs

DesertLink Transmission strengthens the grid by expanding the electrical connection between Southern California and Nevada — delivering cleaner energy and economic benefits. DesertLink was completed on schedule and within the guaranteed cost cap.

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DesertLink’s transmission facilities provide an additional link between the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) in Southern California and Nevada, thus increasing electricity import and export capacity for both states, improving reliability, and lowering electricity costs for consumers.

Key Features

DesertLink Improving Reliability

Improving Reliability

Our transmission facilities increase the transfer capability of electricity between CAISO and Nevada, enabling grid operators to serve customers more reliably.

DesertLink Reducing Costs

Reducing Costs

DesertLink’s facilities improve the ability of CAISO and other grid operators to economically optimize the flow of electricity from regions with lower-cost resources to regions with higher-cost resources, ultimately lowering the costs paid by consumers.

DesertLink Renewable Energy

Facilitating Renewable Energy

During periods of high renewable resource output and low customer usage, our facilities improve CAISO’s ability to send excess low-cost renewable energy to other regions. As renewable resource output exceeds customer usage, our facilities improve the ability of CAISO to export renewable energy to other states reducing inefficient curtailments.

DesertLink Competition

Competition is Our Difference

Competition for new transmission development brings significant value to electricity consumers and the regions they live in. Our company was selected through a competitive bidding process pursuant to FERC Order No. 1000 to develop DesertLink’s transmission facilities. Because of this competitive process, CAISO received a cost-effective, innovative solution that answered unique challenges — such as a need to cross two mountain ranges and desert basins, a nearby major urban center, and design considerations for high winds — to its request for proposals.

How the CAISO Electric Market Works

CAISO is responsible for balancing electric supply and demand while also managing the flow of electricity across the high-voltage, long-distance transmission power lines in most of California and a portion of Nevada, ensuring the economic and reliable delivery of power for more than 30 million customers.